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A 360º degrees version of the already approved by detailers Multi Pro 2.

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The IK MULTI Pro 2 360ºsprayer is well known by its maximum performance in terms of ergonomics, ease of use and safety. It offers a professional spraying solution to achieve optimum results in a wide range of sectors such as construction, cleaning and disinfection, virus, pest and epidemic control, automotive, industry and air conditioning (HVAC).

IK MULTI Pro 2 is designed for maximum strength and versatility with the most aggressive chemicals.

This sprayer is particularly resistant to acids.

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Sectors in which to use IK MULTI Pro 2 360º

BuildingCleaning and disinfectionIndustry and maintenanceAutomotive and detailingPest controlEpidemics & virus control

Products with which to use IK MULTI Pro 2 360º


Disinfectants, Neutral products, Acids.


Oils, solvents and petroleum by-products.

How To Use

  • Depressurise the sprayer and clean it with water after every use.

  • Collect and dispose of the residual amount according to the legislation, prescriptions, and applicable regulations.

  • In the event of obstruction of the nozzle, clean it with water and do not use metallic objects.

  • If the filter of the handle is clogged, remove it and clean it with water.

  • Store the sprayer under cover, avoiding freezing temperatures and extreme heat (between 5°C and 30°C).

  • To prolong the life of the seals, regularly apply grease to the moving parts of the sprayer.

Safety Information

Always follow the instructions and dosages on the packaging labels that the manufacturer recommends for the chemical product to be used.

To avoid any consumption of the product, do note at, drink or smoke while preparing and spraying.

Do not spray on people, animals, electrical installations, flames, open fire, or other sources of ignition.

In the event of poisoning, see your doctor, taking the chemical product packaging with you.

Never dispose of waste product or cleaning residues near water courses, wells, etc.

Use suitable protective equipment, masks, goggles, gloves, footwear, etc., to avoid contact of the chemical products with skin, eyes and mouth.

Read the instructions for the sprayer before its use. Do not modify the sprayer. Do not obstruct or strike the safety valve. Do not use the sprayer if it is damaged, deformed or altered from its original shape. Should the hose, tank, handle or any of its connections be damaged, do not attempt to repair but replace the items with new parts.

Keep sprayer out of reach of children.

Use the sprayer only with substances which are compatible.

Use only spare parts and accessories from the manufacturer. We will not be held liable for any damage caused by the use of foreign parts

What's Included

One Multi Pro 360.

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