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With this modern single bucket wash method you can adjust to an easier way to contact wash your car. The only concern is that you have to be careful not to touch any painted surface twice with the same site of your wash media. Please follow the next simple steps:

  • fill your bucket with warm water
  • add the appropriate amount of a neutral shampoo
  • with your pressure washer agitate the soapy solution
  • place in your bucket six to eight plush clean microfibre towels or 4 wash mitts. Sold separately.
  • wash for top to bottom folding every time to a clean side of the towel
  • place the dirt towels in the Buckanizer NOT back in the bucket
  • every time at the end clean your bucket components and wash appropriately your microfibre towels
Weight 7 kg




What's Included

  • Grit Guard 19L Bucket
  • Gamma seal lid
  • Grit Guard dirt insert
  • Snappy grip handle
  • Wheel Dolly
  • Detailing Outlaws Buckanizer
  • Grit Guard Knee pad

How To Use

The concept and steps of the Single Bucket Towel Wash Method are extremely simple to set up, execute, and complete.

After Foaming with a pre wash shampoo and leave the solution on the car for a few minutes to soak, pressure wash the vehicle surface and then Foam again down a quick later of car wash shampoo, perform the following steps:

  • Fill the bucket 1/2 full of neutral shampoo and warm filtered water
  • Drop clean plush long-pile MF towels into the bucket
  • Pull a towel from the bucket and wash, utilizing all 8 sides of each towel.
  • The timing of when to turn the towel is ultimately dependent on the contamination level of the panel. For light or moderately soiled panels, turn the towel after an area about the size of a door or half a hood.
  • Rinse the vehicle and dry with the Drying Towel and drying aid or blower.

When towels are fused on all 8 sides, wring them out and place them in The Detailing Outlaws Buckanizer to be cleaned later.


The 1 Bucket Towel Wash Method Improves Speed, Efficiency, and Surface Care
Essentially, in all areas of vehicle washing, the 1 Bucket Towel Wash surpasses the no bucket, 2 bucket, 3 bucket, or 27 bucket wash methods.
This includes the amount of equipment, speed of the procedure, efficiency of labor, and as gentle of a wash to vehicle surfaces as possible.

The 1 Bucket Towel Wash Method is Built for Speed
The 1 Bucket Towel Wash is designed for speed because there is no need for extra components to set up and tear down.

  • No Multiple Buckets
  • No Grit Guards
  • No Multiple Mitts
  • No Rinsing of Mitts

The 1 Bucket Towel Wash Method is Built for Efficiency
The 1 Bucket Towel Wash is hyper efficient because the operator never stops the wash process. Once they start, they are in wash mode. If they need a new clean wash surface, they simply flip the towel to a new side 7 times before needing a new towel.

When finished with their towel, they wring it out (5 seconds), grab a new towel from the clean soap bucket and continue washing.

The 1 Bucket Towel Wash Method is for Surface Safety
The 1 Bucket Towel Wash is uber safe to all vehicle surfaces because:

The Method NEVER reintroduces contamination to other panels or new surfaces (towel turned)
Contamination from ‘cleaning’ the wash towel is never introduced to the clean towel bucket
MF Towels have the potential be much softer than most wash mitts
Closing Thoughts on the 1 Bucket Towel Wash Method
Next time you wash your vehicle give this method a try.

We have found that in every way, it’s an improved method of vehicle washing that is: faster in set up and execution, is more efficient, and is the safest method to care for vehicle surfaces.

These benefits are more magnified in a professional environment where 5-20, or more, vehicles may be washed in a single day. As a professional, think about the impact of potentially saving 5-10 minutes on every vehicle, while also delivering the highest quality possible.

No matter who you are, or how many vehicles you regularly wash, this method can benefit your circumstances.


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